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The Nourish Naturally story began in 2002 at the home of Julie Elliott, nestled high on the hill behind the beautiful beaches of Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island.  Julie’s journey into soap making began as a personal quest for healthier, more eco-conscious alternatives to commercial skincare products. Drawing inspiration from her love of nature and botanicals, she embarked on a mission to craft soaps and skincare using only the finest natural ingredients sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers.


What sets Julie’s creations apart is her meticulous attention to detail and insistence on quality at every stage of the process. She carefully formulates each soap recipe, selecting a harmonious blend of nourishing oils, butters, and botanical extracts to create products that are gentle, moisturizing, and beneficial for the skin.


In 2012 Julie undertook some libarary studies and undertook an assignment on Natural Soap versus Synthetic delving into the origin of soaps.  This made her even more determined to make sure that the soap and skincare products were made using natural ingredients.


Since then a full range of natural skin care products has evolved, including face creams and specialty face soaps, body lotions, exfoliating body scrubs.  Living on North Stradbroke Island it seemed the natural thing to also introduce a range of zinc creams suitable for our beach lifestyle.


Our aim is to keep our natural handmade soap and skin care products as affordable as possible, not just seen as a luxury item.  At the same time we source the highest quality ingredients using local where we can and keeping packaging to a minimum.


In essence, Julie Elliott stands as a shining example of a modern soap maker who combines artistry, craftsmanship, and sustainability to create skincare products that nourish the body, uplift the spirit, and honor the natural world.


Nourish Naturally offers a range of skincare products that prioritize purity, efficacy, and sustainability. Julie Elliott’s dedication to natural beauty and wellness shines through in every product, making Nourish Naturally a trusted choice for those seeking gentle and nourishing skincare solutions.

"We hope that you enjoy using our natural handmade soaps and skin care products as much as we enjoy making them!"
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Nourish Naturally - Natural Skincare used with vegetable and essential oils on Stradbroke Island.

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