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Straddie Sunset Soap


Each soap weighs at least 150g.  Once you’ve tried this one, you WILL want more ! 🙂

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Straddie Sunset Soap evokes a refreshing yet calming mood reminiscent of your Straddie holiday.  This all natural soap contains a high percentage of nourishning olive oil as well as palm (sustainable)  and coconut oils.  Complimented by an essential oil blend of peppermint eucalyptus, lemon-scented tea tree & cypres.


One of the very first natural soaps we made, Straddie Sunset Soap remains as popular today as it did back in 2002!


Note: Please keep your natural soaps well drained between use. A soap dish with good drainage will help give your soap a longer life.


Like all of our soaps, Straddie Sunset Soaps have a creamy long lasting formulation which doesn’t get soft if allowed to dry out between use.  A free-draining soap dish is recommended.  This will ensure soaps last longer so they can be used right down to the last slither.  Soaps are handmade using the traditional cold-process method before being hand poured into small production moulds. This method retains the natural glycerine and gently cleanses the skin, without stripping away the skin’s natural oils. Glycerine is generally removed during commercial soapmaking. It is a humectant ie. retains moisture.  It’s this natural glycerin in our handmade soaps that help to keep your skin nourished, soft and pampered.


Olive, palm (sustainable) & coconut oils, pure essential oils, annatto extract and mineral clays


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